Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Paris Handbag

This is for Jan since the comment section isn't working properly! .

If interested:  The Paris Handbag pattern can be purchased at   CRAFT YOUR BAG .   Size:  11" H x 12" W x  5.5" D

Sorry Jan!  It has been reported (and reported)!!  Blogger doesn't believe me!!  Hopefully moving to a new location in the New Year.

Monday, December 18, 2017


This is just beautiful.  I purchased it from Alberta and it's  my first time sewing anything leather.  I've chosen a bag pattern from Noodlehead, the Compass Bag (unless I change my mind) to sew.  Ann has some awesome patterns, and many suited towards leather as well as fabrics.

  I also found a pattern for a leather bag called Paris.  It's lovely.  It wouldn't be so difficult to make as there is a video.  I have a Janome, not an industrial, but on scraps of leather, it's sewing well so far.  The thread I'll be using is polyester, and is quite a bit thicker, but this thread is especially nice for top stitching as well as for the seams.

The lighter part is the suede, and the outer is the dark.   What do you think?  Any suggestions for what type of bag to make?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Flip Flop Messenger Bag - Free Pattern

The roomy Flip Flop Messenger bag has a loose structure and measures 16" w x 18" h x 4" deep. 

This particular bag is made with either strips of fabric or with your larger prints.

The pattern is considered appropriate for a intermediate sewer.

Melissa Peda of 100BillionStars's Pattern Store is the designer.

You can find this FREE pattern at CRAFTSY!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


JADE is a medium sized bag with a recessed zipper! it has a zipper pocket, slip pocket and a pleated pocket!  Size:  12"W x 10 1/2"H  x 4 1/2" D.

It's a fast, easy pattern!  It can be made using cottons, denim, decorator fabrics, cork or faux leather.

A great pattern for the confident beginner to intermediate sewer.

The designer of this FREE pattern is Lizzie Schaffner of Moments Designs!  You can find this pattern on CRAFTSY.

Friday, October 27, 2017


This is another Sunshine Wristlet  using navy cork  and cotton fabric.  It's a FREE pattern offered on CRAFTSY.

I 've added a shoulder strap to the bag as well as  6 card slots inside.  I left the back of the card slots open, so it's a slip in pocket which can hold a cell.  There's also a zip pocket, so lots of room for your essentials!

Instructions for the card slots and the slider are:

Clemantis Card Slot Pocket Hack.   by Debbie Hunker.  Debbie also has a tutorial on the Clematis, and shows how to attach the shoulder strap near the ends of the zipper, so the D rings aren't standing out on the side of the bag!

Adjustable Strap Tutorial by Betz White

Monday, October 16, 2017

Free Sunshine Wristlet Pattern

Here's a great pattern called the Sunshine Wristlet.  I've only made one, but I love the design and hope to make more!! The lining fits perfectly, and the inside zipper pocket is just the right size.    The wristlet size is 10.25"W x  7.25"H.

 I also love the fact that it takes very little fabric, and it's a fairly easy sew!!  It's also free!

You can find the free pattern on Craftsy, so check it out HERE!!  It is sure to make a lovely Christmas gift!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Crossbody Clutch Purse - FREE PATTERN

Here's a cute clutch purse for a casual day or evening out, where you don't want to carry a large bag.  There's room enough for your cell in the front pocket, plus necessities in the other two pockets. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap.

Should you want to use this purse in your larger bag, just fold it over and close the two snaps.  Now you have a wallet!!  Can't get any better than that!

The instructions for this bag are for a confident beginner but the project is a intermediate level.  The pattern includes step by steps photos along with detailed instructions.

The FREE pattern can be found  HERE

Monday, September 18, 2017


Vanda, a young woman, who purchased the Rose Fabric Bag Tutorial sent me a picture of yet another bag she's made.  On this one she used different quilting patterns on the right and left side, front and back.  I love it!  I would never have thought to do this, but it looks great.  I really like the fabric she used as well.  She's really excited about sewing, and I'm so looking forward to seeing what she makes next.

You can find the reviews, pictures of other bags, and the tutorial  on CRAFTSY.

Thank you Vanda!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Classic Pouch & Soft Slouch Shoulder Bag Tutorials


Sew4Home gives you all the basics for creating this classic pouch & shoulder bag.   Pellon Flex Foam was added to this pouch to give it shape and stability.  For a softer feel you could use a fusible fleece or a mid-weight fusible interfacing.

Both pouch and bag are made of soft plaid flannel and denim.

I love the metal zipper as well as fabric choice, don't you? Both are just right for fall.

Should you desire to make this tote bag too, there's a tutorial for that as well.  You can find it right HERE!  It's a beauty!!

The Bag

This is another one of the CARRY-IT-ALL HIPSTER BAGS having a:
- large outer front zipper pocket.
- medium sized outer front pocket with bag lock (new)
- large outer back pocket with tab (magnetic closure - new)
- recessed zipper.
- an easy sew & so versatile.
I've made a few changes to this bag, and they have been added as an extension/option to this tutorial.  It's a bag  you can make to your own specifications.
 There's yet another bag I would like you to see. One of my Testers made it, and it is totally different than this one.  She's made three lovely bags now, and they're all unique!! 

This is Carol's bag.  She made it out of cork.  She didn't add the outer front pocket, but what a      gorgeous bag!  As I said it's versatile !!  There's a large open pocket in the back of the outer bag, as well as a large zipper pocket in the outer front.

You can find the tutorial here on CRAFTSY!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017


This lovely bag was made by Vanda!  Don't you just love the fabric colors and the quilting!  I think she did a excellent job!  Vanda's fairly new to sewing, but is interested in learning, and has already acquired good sewing skills.  Doesn't that zipper look great?!  She watches You Tube videos to learn new skills, and would eventually like to make her own bag patterns!

Vanda made this bag using my tutorial called the Rose Fabric Bag Tutorial.  I love the fact she even found a button similar to the one I used!  The tutorial can be found on CRAFTSY!

If anyone else would like to share a pic of their bag, please feel free to contact me at lindaspears49@gmail.com

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Another Cross-Body Bag

This is my latest Cross-Body Bag in faux suede!  I love everything about this bag, the shape, the front zipper, and the strap.  This time I've added a zipper pocket in the inside, instead of having the 3 small pockets. The bag is big enough for a wallet, cell phone and other essentials.  You can find it right here on CRAFTSY!

Friday, August 25, 2017

CROSS-BODY BAG - Sewing with Waxed Canvas

This is the Cross-Body Bag from a Craftsy course. 

To start off with, I really like this bag.   I didn't make mine with waxed canvas this time, but with a suede. It's on the small size, but yet large enough for one's "stuff".  I like the zipper pocket on the outer front.  I've added a tassel to the side clasp just because I really like them.  The inside pockets (3) on one side are quite small, so this is where I would add a large zipper pocket when making the next one.

 Just click CRAFTSY to take you to the course!  CROSS-BODY BAG - SEWING WITH WAXED CANVAS.   Mariah McPherson

Sunday, July 30, 2017


This Carry-It-All Hipster Bag is true to form. It hosts a : • Large front zip pocket. • Front pocket with flap. • Large outer back slip pocket with tab. • Inside slip pocket. • Fully lined, with options for interfacing. • Adjustable 50” strap for carrying on the shoulder or cross-body. • Recessed zipper. • Large enough for all your essentials, yet small enough at 9 ½” W. x 9 ½” H. x 2 ½” D. This is a tutorial with detailed instructions and pictorials. The measurements are given for each piece to be cut , but pattern pieces are not included in this tutorial.

You can find the tutorial on CRAFTSY.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Carry-It-All Hipster Bag Tutorial


The (revised)  Carry-It-All Hipster Bag Tutorial has now been released and can be found on  Craftsy!  It hosts a a number of pockets, including a  large zipper pocket, adjustable strap, and recessed zipper.
The bag tutorial is rated by the testers as an easy sew and great for even the novice.

Here are some fantastic looking bags made by the Testers.  What a great group of ladies to work with.


Saturday, June 17, 2017

More Sew Together Bags

The Sew Together Bags all have three zipper pockets, and four open pockets which are held together by a long zipper that forms the handle.
There are many uses for these bags, some of which are sewing supplies, makeup, jewellery, you name it! It's great for travel or home. The size is approximately l0" x 5" x 5". There is a mini version of this bag which has only 2 pockets. I hope to make a few of these as well.
Three are orders, with the striped one being extra. I just really liked the fabric. The top bag on the left is a custom order. The lady chose her own fabrics, favoring the color blue. I think she did an excellent job!
I've really enjoyed making these bags, having completed four in the past week. I have one more custom order to post, and will do so on completion.
The tutorial can be found on CRAFTSY.
(My published post went out, and everything was scattered. My apologies! Hope this one comes through properly).

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


(Click on the picture to enlarge)
This is one of my Tester's bags.  She made some changes, and most were actually options.  She opted to make the bag with only two straps.  The four panels which make up the front, she made into one piece for the front, and one piece for the back.  She also added ties on the bottom.

 While she was cutting,  she said at one point she wasn't paying attention, and cut  the wrong size for the pocket.  Instead of it becoming a scrap, she added it as a pocket to the back of the bag.  This was not originally in the tutorial.  What she has done is turn a wheelchair bag into a walker bag!  How cool is that!

I really appreciate this lady and her willingness to test.  She not only made a lovely bag, but used her own creative ideas to make something for a friend.   There's nothing like having someone make something lovely from your pattern/tutorial.

The tutorial can be purchased at CRAFTSY!

Wheelchair Bag Tutorial

I've revised the Wheelchair Bag Tutorial, changing the front page, and adding and subtracting some instructions, as well as   pictures.  I've also had it tested . One of the testers made the bag with just one piece for the front and one piece for the back instead of the panels.  It looks great.  I do give the instructions for choosing this option as well.  She also made it with two straps, rather then the three.

  I hope you like it.

 The mini tutorial, which is included, (dark blue bag) is slightly different in that it has a larger gusset,  a bottle tab so your water/juice won't spill, and an elastic front pocket from one side to the other.   I divided it into two pockets.

 Measurements are important, since this bag will not fit all wheelchairs.  It's dependent upon the size of the wheels.

The  tutorial can be purchased on CRAFTSY

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Carry-It-All-Hipster Bag with Recessed Zipper

This is the Carry-It-All Hipster Bag with a recessed zipper.

The front of the bag has a long, deep  zipper pocket across the front from one side to the other, as well as a smaller flap pocket.

The back has a large pocket, which extends from one side to the other, and it is a few inches shorter in height.  I added a tab for increased security as you can see in the picture.  I quite like the look..

The inside has an open pocket the width of the bag, and I divided it into two.  There's plenty of room, even though it's not a large bag.


Recessed Zipper Tutorial for Beginners

Finally!  This 14 page Recessed Zipper Tutorial for Beginners is finished.  It includes step by step instructions as well as detailed pictorials. This was made specifically for beginners.

There are many tutorials, but this is the method I opted to use.

 I recommend following the step by step instructions, and looking at the pictorials as you go.

This tutorial shows only how to sew and add a recessed zipper to the bag lining.  The lining instructions are then followed according to the bag pattern you are using,  I used a 4" wide recessed zipper, which to me is quite wide, but at the same time shows you clearly how it looks once finished.  Your measurements will depend on your boxed corners as well as your preference!

This tutorial can be found on CRAFTSY.

Any questions, please contact me at lindaspears49@gmail.com or mslindaspears@yahoo.ca
Here's some pictures of my testers projects!  I think they did an exceptional job.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Additions to the Baby's Room

Just finished  some cushions made from the scraps,  and a few squares left over from the quilt.  The crib looked quite bare so I decided to make these.  Oh, I should mention, this is for my friend's grandson who is due to arrive within the week!!

And below is a picture I've painted!  I got the idea from Pinterest.   I googled templates from Google images. Lots of great ideas there for various projects.

And finally, the crib quilt!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Nautical Crib Quilt

I've been busy, but this time it's making a crib quilt!  Seems like it took forever!!  I sewed the binding on by hand, because I like the way it looks.  It took so long!!  Good thing I enjoy hand sewing!

The quilt is 52" x 32", made of 5" squares of various prints, and I used the white squares for the appliques.  This is my first time making appliques.  I searched on Google image and found loads of templates, so I made a few anchors, boats and baby whales.  I used a close zig zag stitch rather than the satin stitch. I think it's a matter of preference.  It was mine anyway.

I used Hobb's batting, and a blue cotton for the back.  A quilter at the fabric store suggested I use a grey thread for the quilting, as it wouldn't show too much on the back of blue, nor on the front.  It worked well.   I was concerned prior to this on how I would work this out, as I didn't want blue thread coming through to the front if the tension were to be out.  Problem solved!

I am happy to say it's finished, and I can now go back to finishing the recessed zipper tutorial.  I don't know about you, but the days just fly by!  Enjoy yours!!  Thank you for visiting!!

The crib quilt fit perfectly!  I was so pleased!!  I think I may make a firm pillow and maybe a little whale plush toy to go in the crib.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


What a beauty!!  Here's a brand new, hot off the press, bag pattern by Katherine Everdina Fay of Huff n Cuffs.  The front slip pocket has a flap that is sewn between two seams on the front panel, it is held closed with a magnetic snap. The main panel closes with a snap lock, keeping all you essentials safe!. 

The back zippered pocket is perfect to hold those important items such as passport or phone  The bag also includes  an interior zipper pocket. This cute little bag has many areas to carry your essentials in when traveling or just going out to dinner! 

The interior is big enough to hold a NCW wallet,  a bottle of water, plus a few other small items, it sure has a big punch for such a little bag!!  The finished bag is 9 1/2" H x 10' W x 2 1/2" W.

The Sarah Satchel Bag pattern can be found on CRAFTSY!