Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Simple Gifting/ Packaging Idea

Here's a simple packaging idea, using blue metallic  colored tape, ribbon, paper bag, and a home printed card.  It's very simple, and not costly at all.

Buttons, jewels, ribbons, what ever you like as embellishments could be easily added.  I personally prefer simple.  Alright, a bit of bling would be fine too.  Each to his or her own preference!

If you have any ideas for packaging or gifting that you would like to share, please  leave a note in the comment section below.  .  I'd love to hear how you would package your items for sale.  I'm wondering about the Necessary Clutch Wallet, and how I would wrap and ship it.  Any suggestions?

I think the above sew together bag could easily be packaged as above, and then wrapped in brown or white wrapping paper for shipping.

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