Friday, July 17, 2015

Baby Stroller Quilt

Here's the "just completed" baby stroller quilt for my neighbor's baby!  I really enjoyed making it.

 It was recommended by our instructor not to use a striped fabric for the backing, but I had already purchased it, and liked it so much.  I decided to use it anyway.  Knowing that it could possibly shift, I quilted down the center  to secure the fabric.  It worked as the stripes are all straight on the backing.  Not that the lines lines up on the two sides..just a bit out! ; )

This is the first time I've done sashing.  I didn't do it as directed either.  I used one long piece on each side, as I had already sewn the rows together when I realized my mistake.  I'm not sure whether that is acceptable in the quilting world, but it worked this time.  I couldn't imagine taking the rows apart to add one small strip to each end of the rows.

This quilting course was offered on Craftsy, called  PIECE PATCH QUILT, Basic Quilt Making Skills.  You can find it right HERE.  As are all the Craftsy courses, this is an excellent one
.Good idea to keep your fingers away from the needle when using a walking foot.  I found out the hard way.  I was daydreaming while sewing straight lines, and somehow my finger got under the needle. The needle went through my nail and the side of my finger!  Yikes!  I've never done that before and hope never to do it again!  It all happened so quickly!!  I had just changed the needle!


Pam @Threading My Way said...

There's more than one way to attach sashing, Linda. Looks like you've nailed one of them. A beautiful quilt.

Linda said...

Thank you Pam. I really enjoyed making this one!