Saturday, May 30, 2015


I was thinking of the name Crazy Quilts for the class being offered on Craftsy, wondering why they would associate such a beautiful art with the word "crazy".  Since I haven't yet taken the course, I'll have to leave it at "wondering".  Perhaps it's because nothing makes sense, yet as you work at it, it becomes increasingly lovely?..and that's crazy?  Okay, okay...just  surmising!!

These two projects, the pillow and the eye glass purse, were made by Sue Goodfellow.  Don't you just love her work!  

For the cushion, Sue printed the center image onto cotton fabric. She then cut the image into a five-sided shape, adding the asymmetrical patchwork pieces.  The fabric was embellished with with lace, beads, and embroidery.

 Sue didn't use a pattern, but she had previously taken a class with Allie Aller on Craftsy, called Crazy Quilts.  

Allie, the instructor, gave her the inspiration to have a go at these projects.  What a lovely work evolved!  Wouldn't you agree?

If you would like to know how to work with different fabrics like velvet and silk, play with hand-embroidered seam treatments, and much more,  then check out the Crazy Quilts class.  You can find it  HERE! 

Thank you Sue for the inspiration in sharing your lovely work!


Marge said...

Linda, I'm sure you'll like the class. Crazy Quilting started in the late 1800's till around 1910. You'll be able to try out many embroidery stitches for embellishments. Have fun and post a picture when done!

Linda said...

I remember embroidering pillow cases and dresser scarves MANY years ago, Marge. I think I was around 19. I haven't done any embroidering since. I really like the look of Sue's work...very Victorian.
I had no idea Crazy Quilting started in the 1800's...thank you for the info.

Barbara Balcom said...

Lovely Victorian Pattern and colours! Beautifully done Sue you are a very talented lady! Thank you Linda and Sue for sharing these "TREASURES". I am not a sewer or quilter but love to see the talent in people like you ladies!

Linda said...

Thank you Barb!