Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wheelchair Bag Tutorial

  This wheelchair bag tutorial has been revised and tested.  I will be posting the Craftsy link later today.

 This bag was originally made for a lady with a wheelchair having small wheels. You will need at least 11" from the bottom of the arm of the chair down to the top of the wheel to accommodate this bag.

If you are considering purchasing the tutorial, then I suggest you first measure the wheelchair. The bag is 10" x 10" with a 2" gusset.


I've included a mini tutorial for this 10" x 10" navy blue bag, showing the how to's for the gathered pocket,  the inside bottle tab.   and the 3" gusset. Being wider, you will have to consider the width of the chair, and whether there will be enough room to go through a doorway.  Some chairs are wider than others!

Thanks!  See you later!


Carmen said...

Awesome Linda! Looks good!

Linda said...

Thank you, Carmen.