Thursday, April 30, 2015


These beautiful bags are made by Marni at Haberdashery Fun!  I love the asymmetrical color blocking!  Each bag has 4 colors. 

The free tutorial can be found  HERE at Sew Mama Sew.

So here is my version of the bag. I love the way Marni made hers, but I wanted to make a few changes. The slanted flap is my favorite.  I wasn't sure whether it would work, but it did. I'm really glad I added this.   The straps are long and light, and I love the asymmetrical color blocks on them, and the bag.

 I used Hobb's batting for the interfacing.  I wanted to do a little quilting (straight lines) on the bag as well.  The colors are really bold, especially the yellow.  This cotton bag is really light, and feels much like parachute material made squishy.

I added a large inside zipper pocket just because I like closed pockets in my bags.

  The big silver button adds the finishing touch!

I plan on making a few more bags, Marni's version!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Do you recognize the fabric?  This is a totally different bag though.  There's not a  flap on the front.  There are two separate straps...two for a carry-all, and two walker straps.  The carry-all straps add support to the bag, by going around the bottom and up the sides.  The lady who ordered the bag wanted both..

The bag has loads of pockets.. two outer (one on each side), two large, deep inner pockets, and a large zipper pocket.

 I added a magnetic closure on the bag , and  velcro to the outer pocket.  The bottom of the bag has a removable insert.

This again would  be suitable for a wheelchair as well as walker, depending on the wheel size of the chair of course.

  For the bottom insert for the bag, I actually found some material at  Home Hardware that is plastic mesh.  It is covered with two sheets of plastic, and it is strong!   It works really well and certainly serves the purpose.  The plastic can even be cut with scissors.

This was a special order for a lady, and I'm hoping she will like it.  She requested the same fabric as I used for the other bag.

Monday, April 20, 2015


I just finished making this pouch this morning!  I've wanted to try making one with a pleat, so I did.  There's a pleat in the back as well.  I winged it and it worked!  Even the dots somehow lined up, no thanks to me!! : )

The only thing I would do differently is put two pleats in next time, and use a different color!

I also made some new labels last night, as I like adding them to my sewing projects.  Another favorite of mine are big buttons!  So what do you think?  Do you know how much courage that takes to ask?  : )

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Recessed Zipper Tutorial

This is an easy to follow video tutorial on putting a recessed zipper in a bag.  It's by Deby Coles.  She makes it look so easy.   You can find the video  HERE.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Wheelchair Bag

There's a new wheelchair bag tutorial on the way!  This roomy bag  is 12" X 14" with a 4" gusset.  There's a large, deep outside pocket, which is secured by a long flap.  This pocket would be great for your cell phone.  It's deep enough so that nothing would just pop out. 

The inside of the bag has a large zipper pocket to tuck away your valuables.

 I added a key tab, but this time put it on the inside of the bag near the zipper.   It remains easy to access. There's plenty of space inside the bag for a hair brush, make up bag....whatever!

  I've also included a mini pouch to attach to your key tab.  This would make for easier and quicker access to credit cards/coins.

This bag would be suitable for wheelchairs with small wheels, or could easily be adjusted to be utilized as a walker bag.

I'm adding a few more pics, and I will post the tutorial when it has been completed.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


It couldn't get any easier than this!  You can find this free tutorial  at HGTV.

It is a straighforward sewing project for anyone new to sewing.  This lined fabric tote bag is perfect for work and play.