Tuesday, June 24, 2014


This is a mini scrap tutorial by Heather at The Sewing Loft ,  one of my favorite blogs!  She has lots of excellent tutorials. It can also be found HERE at Craftsy!

This mini wallet  is the perfect handmade gift,  great for carrying credit cards and/or coins!  They can be made in approximately 10-15 minutes.  Yes, that quick!!  Great for the novice sewer!!

I was a little nervous when I saw the snaps, as I can't ever seem to figure  out how they go together.  Well,  do I have news for you!  I got out the hammer and a little gadget, looked at the pieces, put them together, and they were done in no time!  I just did it!  Amazed myself!

  Snaps look out!!  Here I come!

These cute little wallets are approximately 5" x 3 1/2".   

 Look at that snap!!!

Enjoy your day!


Here's a few more.   I took some to work, and the ladies really liked them!  I used mini snaps on some of these.


Monday, June 23, 2014


The inspiration for this bag came from this free video  tutorial below...... Missouri Quilt Company.  I have posted this video once before.  I love their tutorials!!

 I cut my own 2 1/2" strips,  added a magnetic closure, as well as inside zipper pocket, & a flap to the outside pocket.  The bag is smaller than the one in the video (but it is not small).

You might have noticed that there is a small piece of the green showing at the top of the bag.  I just rolled some of the lining up and sewed it in place.   I somehow still had enough lining to fit the bag properly!  I really like the finished look!

One thing I discovered is that the straps need to go toward the center of the bag more.  I didn't do that.  The boxed corners are smaller than I would have made them, but  I had to accommodate the straps.  You can see this clearly in the picture.  This would make the outer pocket smaller as well.

I am also going to add a removable bottom  for support because of the boxed corners.    All in all I think it turned out quite well!

Hope you like it!

 Velcro on the tab.  Love the big pocket on the outside!

 Magnetic closure & zipper pocket.