Monday, April 28, 2014


Here is another quilted tote bag I just completed!  I  have one more to finish, then will add all three on the same page.  I just need to sew a button on, and shorten the flap!  Yes, I made it a bit too long!!

I was thinking this afternoon, how it's been one year since I started sewing again.  I had never ever made bags or purses or pouches, which are my absolute favorite now.  However, I do like a change every so often!  

 I always watch a video or see an item and think how easy it would be to make.  I don't know if you do that, but then as I start sewing and making a few changes, it turns into a major project.

 As I said I just started sewing a year ago, so I still have to use the old search engine to find how to do different things.  Sometimes putting a zipper pocket in can be confusing, as I can't remember which way the pocket fabric goes....interfacing up or fabric? I actually did remember today as I put a zipper in this blue bag, but it has taken a long time.   For all those novice sewers out there, be encouraged!!  I can put a zipper in fairly quickly now!

Well here's the tote bag!  Another one is coming soon!

 I added a zipper pocket and magnetic purse clasp, as I did in the other bags.

This is a great tutorial  for making the quilted tote bags using a charm package (or cutting out your own ! )

If you're making any quilted tote bags, I would love to see them!

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Carmen said...

Hi Linda,
That one turned out nice too! You really need to sell some of your creations! :)

Jammies Michale said...

I have sewed many bags, but never had I imagined about quilted bags. I will now make a quilted bag following your tutorial. Thanks for sharing.
Tory Burch tote bag

Linda Spears said...

Thank you! Please send me a picture when you've made one!! : )