Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 Here's the blue & orange bag... completed it last evening!  It's just the right size!  I've added a zipper pocket, flap, button hole and button (I might just change the button...not sure I like it!)  I added the button and button hole  because I wanted to do something different.

 The bag is really light, but feels so nice...love that quilted feeling!

Here's some pictures for you!  You can find this  video tutorial for this project at Missouri Quilt Company.

  Zipper Pocket

 Love the look of this bag!  Don't you just want to squeeze it!! 

So what do you think?

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Carmen said...

Hi Linda,

I love the colors you've chosen for this bag! Very pretty bag and I love the quilting on it. As for the button...I have a few big dark brown buttons in my stash if you want to try one of those instead. It's really just personal preference though. Hope you're having a great day!