Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This is the third bag I've completed using the charms.  I've really enjoyed making them.

This excellent tutorial is by Jenny from the Missouri Quilt Company.  The video is on my blog, or it can be watched on You Tube!

  I did not shorten the flap, as it isn't that much too long.

Inside the bag is a zipper pocket &  a magnetic closure on the flap.  I used a batting in all of these bags, and they are just so soft!  All bags have removable bottom inserts, so that they can be washed!

There is also another Rose Fabric Quilted Bag Tutorial on Craftsy!  This is one I made after the other.

Monday, April 28, 2014


Here is another quilted tote bag I just completed!  I  have one more to finish, then will add all three on the same page.  I just need to sew a button on, and shorten the flap!  Yes, I made it a bit too long!!

I was thinking this afternoon, how it's been one year since I started sewing again.  I had never ever made bags or purses or pouches, which are my absolute favorite now.  However, I do like a change every so often!  

 I always watch a video or see an item and think how easy it would be to make.  I don't know if you do that, but then as I start sewing and making a few changes, it turns into a major project.

 As I said I just started sewing a year ago, so I still have to use the old search engine to find how to do different things.  Sometimes putting a zipper pocket in can be confusing, as I can't remember which way the pocket fabric goes....interfacing up or fabric? I actually did remember today as I put a zipper in this blue bag, but it has taken a long time.   For all those novice sewers out there, be encouraged!!  I can put a zipper in fairly quickly now!

Well here's the tote bag!  Another one is coming soon!

 I added a zipper pocket and magnetic purse clasp, as I did in the other bags.

This is a great tutorial  for making the quilted tote bags using a charm package (or cutting out your own ! )

If you're making any quilted tote bags, I would love to see them!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Last evening I found a video tutorial on how to make a pot holder in six? minutes!  It's excellent!    Great for a quick gift!  It does require more material than it would for a simple pot holder. You can find it at Craft Sanity.  

My completed pot holders!  They were easy to make!  I didn't quite master the 6 minute mark, however....!!!


Made another pair of pot holders!   This was a different pattern.   So easy! Sometimes it's just nice to have something EASY to sew!  I really like the quilting!  Recognize any of the fabric?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Anyone have problems with recessed zippers...don't quite know how to put one in a bag?  Here's a good tutorial.  Check it out at ' my spare time '.

Izzy meimsaab  has an excellent tutorial as well.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 Here's the blue & orange bag... completed it last evening!  It's just the right size!  I've added a zipper pocket, flap, button hole and button (I might just change the button...not sure I like it!)  I added the button and button hole  because I wanted to do something different.

 The bag is really light, but feels so nice...love that quilted feeling!

Here's some pictures for you!  You can find this  video tutorial for this project at Missouri Quilt Company.

  Zipper Pocket

 Love the look of this bag!  Don't you just want to squeeze it!! 

So what do you think?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

QUILTING WITH SCRAPS - Foundation Piecing !

Here's another video on quilting, and it's as easy as it can be!
Another beautiful day here!  Enjoy yours!


Saturday, April 5, 2014


Free Quilted Bag Video Tutorial - Missouri Quilt Company

Missouri Quilt Company has excellent tutorials!  They are so easy to follow for the novice sewer like myself!   
This bag was given at my workplace for a draw.  Proceeds went towards purchasing nursing assessment equipment.


The orange are Bali Snaps  (already cut), and the blue is the same fabric, only I purchased it in meters, and cut it myself!  I've added 1/2 a charm to each side of the rows, as I wanted it a bit bigger.  It would appear to be a good size for a bag.  I'm also adding a zipper pocket to each bag!

This is quilting cotton.  It's really pretty.  I've made a flap for this bag, and have a large blue button to add to it.  This is quite small, but not everyone likes a big tote bag!

I used some of the left-over fabric from my floral bag I made earlier.  I really like the fabric!