Friday, March 7, 2014


Happy Friday!  I thought I would share my latest sewing project with you from Craftsy -   Design Your Own Handbag by Brett Bara.  She's an excellent teacher, goes step by step, and makes sewing much easier than  it would be otherwise.

 The course is designed to be at  your own pace. You can go back for reviews, and ask questions concerning your projects or Brett's.  It's a friendly place to learn.  Have a look, and let me know what you think!  Design Your Own Handbag course 

 I hope to be doing a tote /pouch tutorial first!


Carmen said...

That is a beautiful bag Linda! I love your color choices!

Linda said...

Thank you Carmen!

Debbie Holmes said...

I love love love this bag! I have been stalk piling..or buy at discount pricing..or vintage thrift stores...just waiting until i found the perfect design...this is it!!
I too worked in the same field..only as an dated am i? took its toll on my now i guess you could say i took an early retirement! Hopin to start an etsy shop as soon as i get some bags made.
I would love to post a pic of my soon as i gitter done..
Thanks again!

Linda said...

Thank you Debbie! Nothing better than a sewer having piles of fabric!!

Yes, nursing sure can take it's tole on your body!

Looking forward to receiving a picture of that bag! Let me know when you open your Etsy shop please!