Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reversible Tote Bag & Pouch

The pattern & video tutorial is available through Craftsy -  Kirsten Link's Bag Making Basics.  The tutorial shows how to make the basic tote bag and pouch.


I found this so easy to follow, and it's FREE!  Enjoy!

See you soon!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Popcorn Rug Tutorial

This has been an exciting week! I have been constructing this blog, making projects, taking photos and learning how to do new things. It's been fun!

Today I have a tutorial for you that is fairly simple and quick to make. The inspiration came from a friend who has a large floor standing popcorn machine with which she makes popcorn for her nephews and nieces. She serves the popcorn in these  bowls.

I wanted to make something to compliment those beautiful glass popcorn bowls, so decided I would make what I call "Popcorn Rugs."

Lucky get to learn how to make them...if you want to!


Supplies:  (Makes 6)

Thread: White and red
Fabric (Approximately .1m white, .2m stripe, .3m solid)
Fleece Interfacing (6.5" x 6.5" for each rug)
Scissors/Rotary Cutter
Seam Ripper (my favorite)
Sewing Machine


Prewash fabric (use vinegar and water to prevent bleeding, then put in dryer)

Cut out your 5 pieces:
White fabric: 2.5 X 5"
White Stripe: 4.5 X 5"
Red Fabric: 1.5 X 6.5"
Red backing fabric: 6.5 X 6.5"

Interfacing: 6.5 X 6.5"

Sew your white piece onto the striped piece and iron the seam as shown below. Attach the red fabric to the side of the white piece and striped piece. Iron seams. (note the direction of the stripes)

First, place interfacing on top of the back of the front piece of the rug. 

At this point you can do some light quilting. I did some strips of stitching on the white fabric running opposite to the stripes on the other fabric. This is optional but adds a nice touch to the completed project.

With right sides together, place the red backing on your desk face up with the front of the rug (with the interfacing already attached) facing a sandwich.

Stitch all the way around at 1/4" leaving an opening approximately 2" in the center of one side being sure to backstitch so as not to tear the opening when you go to pull the fabric through. (Do not create your opening starting from the corner, it should be in the center of one side, like this: 

Clip all four corners.

Pull the material from the inside out, through the opening you've created. I use the tip of my scissors to get the corners square, but you can use any long fine tool (chopsticks, scoring tool, etc.). I also finger press the seams inside and out. 

Once that is complete,  iron the outside making sure the seam allowances are tucked in and square. 

Stitch at 1/4" all around the outside of the Popcorn Rug.

The finished product! Now grab a bowl of popcorn and put it on a rug!

Nom nom nom....

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I will reply! 

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